Beloit Lenox Carbide Bottom Band Double Cutting Edge

The Beloit Lenox Carbide Bottom Band B0049-07 offers superior cutting. Carbide—a combination of tungsten and carbon sintered under high pressure to create a hard, dense material—makes the blade resistant to wear, deformation or damage.
• 9.8430" OD, 7.4024" ID, 0.5910" width
• Carbide inlay for longer run time between changes
• Double cutting edge, double sided for advanced precision
• Made in the USA
• OEM part #250599
Category: Bottom Slitter

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Beloit Lenox Carbide Bottom Band (B0049-07) 9.8430"OD X 7.4024"ID X .5910"Wide Carbide Inlay, Double Cutting Edge, Double sided
More Information
Product Type Bottom Slitter
Industries Battery, Construction, Converting, Corrugated, Flexible Packaging, Food, Medical, NonWoven, Paper, Plastics, Rubber
Inner Diameter Larger than 6"
Outer Diameter 6" - 10"
Cut Type Circular Slitter Blades
Material CARBIDE
Product Type Simple product
Lead time Days
Pack Size EA
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