Pack of 5 - Ceramic Razor Blade Double Cutting Edge

The Ceramic Razor Blade RB0004-17 was designed for accurate, efficient cutting applications. The double cutting edge makes it a versatile tool, effective in various industrial uses such as paper and plastics. Its super-hard material ensures durability and reliability. Pack of 5.
• 2.250” L, .750” W, .015” thickness
• Double cutting edge
• Zirconia ceramic for high wear resistance
• Made in the USA
Category: Razor Blade

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Ceramic Razor Blade (RB0004-17) 2.250"L X .750"W X .015"Thk Double Cutting Edge
More Information
Product Type Razor Blade
Industries Battery, Construction, Converting, Flexible Packaging, Food, Medical, Plastics
Cut Type Slicer Blades
Material CERAMIC
Product Type Simple product
Lead time Days
Pack Size Package of 5
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