Tidland Style Class II Top Slitter Double Bevel

Paper, plastics, nonwoven and other industries rely on the Tidland Style Class II Top Slitter from our partner Maxcess International, a global leader of automated, customized end-to-end web handling solutions. Consider its flat double bevel design that facilitates clean cuts and virtually dust-free operation. Its PM10V steel construction with carbon and vanadium as its main components makes this a slitter that can endure intense use for years to come.
• 5.910" OD, 3.1505" ID, 0.1500" thickness
• Flat design with 65° primary bevel, 15° secondary bevel
• Close tolerances facilitate higher speeds, lower maintenance
• PM10V tool steel for high wear resistance and high impact toughness
• Made in the USA
• OEM part# 524621
Category: Top Slitter

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Tidland Style Class II Top Slitter (T0081-02) 5.910"OD X 3.1505"ID X 0.1500"Thk PM10V, Flat, Double Bevel 60^Primary & 15^Secondary
More Information
Product Type Top Slitter
Industries Battery, Construction, Converting, Corrugated, Flexible Packaging, Food, Medical, NonWoven, Paper, Plastics, Rubber
Inner Diameter 3" - 6"
Outer Diameter 3" - 6"
Cut Type Circular Slitter Blades
Material PM10V
Product Type Simple product
Lead time Days
Pack Size EA
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